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Course Description

Digital marketing is the most in demand course from past few is predicted that there would be lakhs of jobs available in future.

Here @ GlobalEdx we give you an opportunity to begin your career in the leading DM sector. We have so far trained 500+candidates in DM from various backgrounds and given a path to them via placements in different startups.

Our Digital Marketing Training will enable you to learn all online marketing strategies from our experienced faculty who have 12+yrs experience and make you job ready to meet leading Corporates requirements.

Learn Digital Marketing today and become the next lucky person to be placed by

About this program :

  • It is an Integrated Program on DigialMarketing and Soft Skills for 30 days.
  • Active Placement Assistance with our clients
  • Led by Industry experts and subject matter experts of minimum 10+yrs experience
  • Exposure to real time industry projects
  • Specific training needs of each individual is understood and addressed



Knowledge on Internet and zeal to learn and earn


Why should I learn Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing has been growing tremendously in the past few years and it will continue to grow more than expected, because of which the no. of job roles have also been increasing. But the resources to fill in the position are very less so, by learning this subject you would be an in-demand professional.


Who can learn Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing has no boundaries similarly, anyone from any field who is willing to start their career or be an Entrepreneur or shift their career can learn this course and help their company grow widely.


Do you require programming knowledge for Digital Marketing?

No, there is no need of any programming knowledge. Basic HTML knowledge with good content writing skills would be an added advantage.


What is the expected salary for a Digital Marketing Executive Fresher?

The minimum salary for a Digital Marketing Executive if you join as a fresher is 8000INR - 25000INR.


Is any field work required for Digital Marketing?

No. this is completely different from the traditional marketing where field work is required. Digital Marketing can be done from anywhere, anytime all you require is a good Internet connection.


What is the future of Digital Marketing?

The Digital Marketing Industry is growing rapidly, according to a Magazine marketing via mobile phones and tablets rose to 200%, while most of the other industries struggle to grow by 5-10% . Marketing strategies have changed from being Traditionally confined to print ads and TV commercials, to being digitally embracing . Digital Marketing is more faster, versatile and practical compared to the counterpart.


Jobs in Digital Marketing ?

A survey predicts lakhs of digital marketing jobs by 2020 which implies Digital Marketing Professional are already in demand. The jobs are not confined to a single industry from the top most MNC’s to just selling baskets at home Digital Marketing will play a vital role.


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Course Contents

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

On Page Optimization

  • Keyword Research
  • Content Writing
  • Validation Tools
  • Search Engine Updates and their solutions

Off Page Optimization

  • Link Building
  • Branding

SMO (Social Media Optimization)

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Linkedin Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

  • Google Adwords
  • Bing Adwords

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Linkedin Advertising
  • Twitter Advertising

Affiliate Marketing

Analytics – Google Analytics

Webmaster Tools

Email Marketing

Project Management Tools

Automation Tools

Competition Analysis Tools

Web Designing – WordPress & Blogging

Servers Management & Tools

Mobile Marketing

Money Making Concepts

Learning & Updates from Root Sources



Kalyan Chandra

Kalyan Chandra is a Digital Marketing Consultant and Trainer with 7+ years experience in Digital Technology Transformation, Marketing Research and Advertising, Branding and Promotional Strategies.

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