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Course Description

Double Click is the most in demand course among all digital marketing professionals from past few years. It is predicted that there would be lakhs of jobs available in future.

Here @ GlobalEdx we give you an opportunity to upgrade your career in the leading Digital Marketing sector. We have so far trained 500+candidates on Double Click from various backgrounds and given a path to them via placements in different MNC's & Startups.

This program contains the advanced concepts of Digital Marketing i.e DoubleClick for Bidding Manager and DoubleClick for Advertisers. 



Basic Knowledge on Digital Marketing

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Course Contents

An Overview of Digital Marketing

  •  Introduction to Digital Marketing
  •  Impact on branding & sales
  •  Comparing online and offline marketing
  •  Examples of paid Channels such as Google (DFA, DBM) and Social Media Ads (Facebook)


Basic terminology in Online marketing

  • Publisher & Advertiser
  • Traffic, Audience
  • Type of Ads: Banner Ads, Rich Media Ads, Pop Ups and Pop-under Ads, Video Ads etc
  • Landing page
  • Cost Metrics (CPM, CPC, CPA)
  • Bidding, CTR, CVR
  • What is a Campaigns, Placement?


Digital Display Advertising

  • Basics : Ad server, Ad network, Ad exchange, DSP,RTB and RMX
  • The different types of online display advertising media and when to use them.
  • How the right creative and media choices can maximize click-through and conversion.


Performance Measuring and Advanced topics

  • Targeting
  • Reporting
  • Pixels and type of pixels
  • Remarketing



  • Introduction
  • Media Planner
  • DFA interface
  • Campaign, Placement setup, Banner upload step by step
  • DFA Targeting options
  • Floodlights and Custom Tags


DBM Tool


DBM interface

Basic Options

  • Flight dates
  • Frequency
  • Budget allocation

DBM Targeting options

  • Keyword Targeting
  • Day Parting
  • Geo
  • Device

Type of Campaigns

  • Prospecting
  • Behavioral
  • Remarketing


  • DBM Cost Metrics
  • Look back windows


Campaign Management

  • Introduction
  • Responsibility as an account Manager
  • Step by step process of allocating and Handling an Account


SEM, SEO and Adwords

  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Optimization
  • Campaign Creation


Interview Preparation

  • Will guide the candidate with the interview process
  • Question and Answer session
  • Guidance to crack the interview




Shravanthi has 3.6 years of experience in online advertising industry. She has worked for Google for an year on two products (DBM and DFA) and then moved to BBI where I worked on Facebook marketing tool. She has been working as a Digital Marketing trainer since 1.2years expertized in DBM and DFA.

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