Career counsellors work in a dedicated manner. They will not, however, simply match up a client with a profession and send them on their way. They work with their clients, helping them to research the right job, as well as helping to locate resources for strengthening the skills needed for the job desired.

Career Guidance provides an essential link between education and the labour market. There
are a number of variations in the definition of career guidance.

The OECD Career Guidance Policy Review defines it as “services and activities intended to assist individuals, of any age and
at any point throughout their lives, to make educational, training and occupational choices and to manage their careers”.

This definition includes making information about the labour marketand about educational and employment opportunities more accessible by organizing it,systematizing it and having it available when and where people need it. It also includes assisting
people to reflect on their aspirations, interests, competencies, personal attributes, qualifications
and abilities and to match these with available training and employment opportunities.

The traditional model of career guidance was based on talent-matching approaches: measuring individual abilities and matching them to the demands of different occupations. However, today, there is a shift to a new paradigm with three dimensions: Career guidance should be available throughout life to support personal lifelong learning and career development.It should be viewed as a learning experience, including a range of learning interventions.It should foster the individual’s autonomy, helping them to develop the skills and
knowledge they need in order to manage their own decisions and transitions. The new paradigm reflects a shift from a psychological to a pedagogical approach: from testing to tasting with a basic focus on helping individuals to develop their career management skills (CMS). In other words; to empower individuals for self-awareness, opportunity awareness,
decision making and acting.