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  • Delivery Methods:


    Differing learning styles, training goals, student locations, and budgets demand a combination of instructor-led and self-paced learning, offered through a menu of distinctive delivery options. Our premium content and expert instruction are delivered through our classrooms, at your company, on the web, and on CD. Choose the right delivery method for you or your team, or talk to our training advisors about a tailored, blended learning solution that best meets your needs. Look for these icons on each course page throughout the web site to know how our courses can be delivered.

    1. Classroom Training [Present]

    Our expert instructors, hands-on labs, and superior content provide excellent, results-oriented training in various classroom locations across India. Our instructors draw upon their vast experience to teach key concepts and practical skills that can be applied as soon as you or your employees return to work.

    2. Self-Paced Training [future]

    We offer the same superior content as our instructor-led training, with delivery available via CD-ROM or the Internet. Whether used as a stand-alone course or part of your blended learning program, our award-winning Self-Paced e-Learning format includes hundreds of titles designed to support your specific IT and business training needs.

    3. Online Training [currently manual -> automated]

    Just like our facility-based classrooms, featuring live, instructor-led training delivered via the Internet. Choose from more than 160 Virtual Classroom e-Learning courses featuring the same content and labs as the classroom.

  • Client Services:

    srvs-img11. Professional content development

    Rely on to provide employees with professional growth opportunities 24/7. Help anyone at any skill level pursue their goals, gain new skills, or comply with learning requirements.

    Books go out of date, off-site training is expensive and inconvenient, and searching on the Internet yields unpredictable results. Change the way your organization learns. Offer the ability to watch thousands of bite-size tutorials for immediate problem solving or comprehensive courses on hundreds of topics from start to finish.

    From Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite applications to time management, leadership fundamentals, and more, our vast online library of on-demand instructional videos covers a wide range of software, creative, and business skills.

    2. Ease Of Migrations

    Rely on during technology initiatives. When it’s time for a software migration, our vast online library of instructional videos can help anyone at any skill level quickly get up to speed with a wide range of new tools including email, operating systems, and mobile devices.

    Extend training across teams, departments, or your entire organization. Turn users into power users and ease the burden on your IT help desk. Give employees comprehensive courses they can watch from start to finish or bite-size tutorials for immediate problem solving. Share custom course playlists to suggest or assign individualized learning paths.

    Taught by expert instructors, online training is a cost-effective alternative to off-site classes or consultants and can help ensure a successful software rollout.

    3. Fill skill gaps

    Overcome the challenges presented by new technologies, employee turnover, and other factors that contribute to knowledge gaps within an organization. Bring your workforce up to date with the latest software, creative, and business skills. online training gives anyone at any skill level the ability to grow professionally and help a team, department, company, or agency stay productive. From Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite applications to time management, leadership fundamentals, and more, our vast online library of instructional videos offers training on hundreds of topics.

    Give users the ability to watch comprehensive courses from start to finish or strategic chunks for immediate problem solving. Taught by expert instructors, is a cost-effective alternative to off-site classes or consultants.

    4. Flipped classroom

    Help faculty and students excel using the flipped classroom learning model. Assign online video instruction for homework to free up class time for concept mastery and one-to-one assistance.

    Give students the ability to watch comprehensive courses from start to finish or bite-size tutorials for immediate problem solving 24/7. Covering software, creative, and career-readiness skills, provides educators with thousands of engaging tutorials for supplementing curricula—from Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Excel instruction to a wide range of professional skills training that includes public speaking, time management, and leadership development.

    Our shareable playlist feature lets faculty members and other users create and assign custom learning paths that can map to syllabi.

    5. Remote Labs for Hire

    Our live remote labs offer students additional learning by applying what is taught in class to a real-world environment. These labs can be customized for classroom or an e-Learning environment. They are housed in a secure location and are available at any time. All remote labs are identical to what can be provided in an actual classroom lab set-up.

    We offer both hardware-based and software-based live labs. Our live labs enable students to practice and hone their networking and system administration skills using real hardware and software. While most training providers use simulations to let students practice what they learn, we provide real-world, practical experience with actual equipment and/or software. The result is that our students learn more effectively.

    Content Development :

    Training Solutions uses an Instructional Systems Design (ISD) Approach to develop training materials. A systems approach allows for continual feedback and adjustment to the creation of instructional materials. It is a scientifically derived methodology that incorporates the research and theories of cognitive and behavioral psychology. The basic concept of applying a systems approach to instructional development is that once proficiency can be defined in measurable terms then these skills can be taught and post-training proficiency can be measured in specific areas. The ISD model has been successfully used for several years in the design and development of training materials for commercial, military and industrial applications. The model includes five phases: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (ADDIE).

    The ISD approach provides sound decision-making to identify the who-what-when-where-why of training; provides an orderly process of gathering and analyzing performance requirements; and insures that training and support materials are developed with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Benefits

    srvs-img1 1. Various Skill Levels

    Provide all the course offering from level 0 to level 9 to suit the precise needs to the individual customer.

    2. Custom learning paths

    Provide the list of related courses need to reach the desired learning path.

    3. Certificates

    All users receive receives a certificate upon sucessful completion of the course or learning path.

    4. One community (both video and chat)

    Get help from peers groups anywhere within the community for immediate answers to your quproblems.

    5. Mobile connectivity

    All the courses are accessible from anywhere, anytime, and on any device as all the online courses are hosted on Cloud.

    6. Payment security

    All the payment are done on secured payment gateway trusted by Truste and veriSign.