How to Get a Job as a Fresher in the COVID 19 Pandemic?

How to Get a Job as a Fresher in the COVID 19 Pandemic?

The situation and job market conditions are so uncertain and everything has come to standstill due to COVID-19 lockdown.
Finding the right job has become a challenging task for many. Especially for those looking forward to getting started with their career in 2020.
But is it really impossible to find a job in the pandemic? No. We don’t think so.
Here are 6 things you can do to find a job and get your career started in the COVID-19 pandemic.
1. Network aggressively by reaching out to people
You need to explore your social network using the existing connects you made during your academic period e.g. your seniors, your mentors, relatives etc. Since social networking sites are now inherent part of our daily life activities, it can play a crucial role in connecting your job needs to your network.
Make sure you follow the popular job #hashtags related to hiring in the specific location to avoid spam.
Create your job profile in all top 10 job sites e.g. LinkedIn, Naukri,,, Monster, shine, Fresherworld, internshala, etc. Add relevant key words in the areas of your interest for your job profile. Activate alerts for your job profiles.
These portal are used by lot of recruiting clients, freelance recruiters, and recruiting agencies to find right talent.

2. Develop relevant & trending skills

When you start attending interviews for the clients, don’t feel bad if you get rejected in any of the interviews for any client any number of times. We can fail any number of time in our interviews but when we crack one right interview, then it will set the ball rolling for rest of your career. So when you are attending interviews, try to understand your areas of rejection from the interview. These are actually stepping stones for your successful interview later.

Once you have identified the areas of improvement e.g. communication skills or Technical skills or logical skills, try to enroll for the relevant courses e.g.. Coursera, edx,, Keep practicing until you become very confident in your areas of improvements you marked.

3. Take up remote freelance jobs or internships
Once you have learned some technical skills, start looking for some freelancing work from your social network or some freelancing sites or work as intern for free/paid in any company. Don’t think on how much you are earning here. Rather, keep your focus on what you are learning as this will decide your future salary when you attend the interview. When you start working on the real time project as freelancer or intern, you tend to learn from your mentors. This will give you lot of confidence when you start attending interviews.
You can feel the difference yourself: Check your confidence levels before working on freelancing/internship work and post this.
4. Prepare for interviews or mock interview
Keep attending as many interviews as you can. It will remove your fear of interview at certain point of time as you got used to rejections :-). You will now feeling light and that’s when you will crack the interview.
6. Don’t plan too much
Just keep trying. You can achieve anything with 3 simple steps: Learn, Practice and Achieve.

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